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Friday, August 2, 2013

I am THAT mom

Parenthood has taught me many things. One of them is to reserve judgment of other parents. For example, sometimes I have to take my two toddlers, 2 1/2 & 1 1/2 to the grocery store. I used to give moms who opened food before the checkout or had screaming kids the side eye. I would do better. MY kids would behave. The reality? Here's a snapshot: 9 am, cart with two kiddie seats, both kids with lollipops. B has his shoes off and is clutching a new Matchbox car (the reward for good behavior, as we are emphasizing positive reinforcement). D is trying to hit everything within reach with her lollipop. Both are sticky. But I got my shopping done with minimal fussing. What people DON'T know is that B, as a result of his dyspraxia & apraxia, has sensory issues (hence the shoes off) and a tendency to melt down. We're keeping an eye on D because, like B, she has some developmental delays and may also have dyspraxia/apraxia/ADHD. Taking the two of them out solo is not easy. The next time you see a harried parent, try to reserve judgment. There is probably much more going on than you realize.

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