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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ADHD & Phone Phobia

I have become increasingly loath to make as well as receive phone calls. An irrational dread seems to take me over when I need to make a call or when my phone rings. It's especially bad if I receive a call and I don't recognize the number - usually, I just can't pick up. When it's time to order food, I usually beg my husband to do it. Work requires that I contact parents, but I often can use email, which is much less stressful.

This summer, I discovered that this phone phobia is common in people with ADHD. ADDitude magazine offers suggestions on how to cope. This is one symptom that the Strattera has not significantly alleviated, though I've become better at not procrastinating when I need to make calls. I've often wondered why I have such issues with the phone, and perhaps its because I can't read body language over the phone. I can't over emails, either, but I can edit an email for as long as I need to.

I feel better knowing that there is a reason for my phone phobia, and I'm not just lazy or crazy. Isn't that the case for most of our ADHD symptoms?

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