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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Restless Legs, Restless Mind

D's at work and we were touching base like we always do. I mentioned how my ADHD is really bothering me and how much I was looking forward to trying a new medication, and he told me that my restless legs syndrome has been severe. It struck me that the restless legs are a physical representation of my restless mind. Though my mind may slow down when I sleep (it never stops, though, as I have vivid, weird dreams all night), my body becomes more active against my will, causing me to thrash around most of the night.

To cope with other worsening neurological symptoms, I've switched temporarily to a liquid/soft foods diet, increased my use of moistening agents for my eyes, and increased my water intake. As much as I'm miserable with my symptoms, I am hopeful because I know that appropriate medication can improve my symptoms dramatically. I'm hopeful that a stimulant will work as the Strattera did and that it won't "poop out".

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