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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sweet Relief

Day 8 on the Concerta and I am so grateful that I was stubborn and went through all of the unpleasantness and pain and waiting.

I'm experiencing improvement!

The exhaustion has crept back in the afternoons - I think it might be the Concerta starting to wear off. But I'm not feeling so overwhelmed, I'm more efficient, and most importantly, I FEEL BETTER. Life seems manageable and I'm not so emotional. I am a LOT calmer. The timing is good, too, since D worked 100 hours last week and 70+ this week.

I'm just so grateful today that there are meds available to help treat ADHD. It's a personal choice, and meds are not for everyone. Awareness and coping skills are paramount, but a medication that works makes life a LOT easier.

As a plus, I can eat cheese and egg whites again! I'm slowly getting my system adjusted. When I increase the Concerta, I am going to try solid food.

I'm very grateful today. :)

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