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Thursday, July 24, 2014

That Didn't Take Long

My good mood started turning sour at the dentist this morning. Three new cavities that need filling because of my Sjogren's Syndrome. I need to be more circumspect about my anti-cavity regimen, including ACT Mouthwash w flouride & MI Paste. At least I don't yet need a root canal for one particularly troublesome tooth. I do, however, have to wear the night guard I despise so that I stop grinding my teeth.

Worse news came when my primary care physician's office called. Results from blood work from Tuesday were not good. My iron-deficiency anemia is steadily getting worse. It's a LOT worse compared to November & February. I had to call my hematologist to make an appointment to discuss iron therapy - most likely injection or infusion, because I can't tolerate the pills. I don't consume much that has iron in it, so I have to work on that immediately.

I also had to call my gastroenterologist, because the numbers indicate that I am still bleeding internally somewhere. In the past 6 months I've been scoped twice, and all he found was a few benign polyps, mild gastritis, and gastroparesis. I suspect the problem is in my small intestine, which he did not look at.

I'm so frustrated, angry, and a little scared. I'm so tired of being poked, scoped, shocked, scanned, x-rayed, etc. I do not want more tests. But I made the appointments and also have a pelvic sonogram scheduled, which I would be told to do if I didn't already have it planned.

Days like this I let myself feel what I need to feel, and tomorrow move on. It's not about what I want - it's about dealing with what I get.

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