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Thursday, August 7, 2014

ADHD & The Dentist

Visits to the dentist are nerve-wracking. One bad experience with lots of needles and painful drilling traumatized me, and usually I don't receive good news because of the dry mouth that Sjogren's syndrome causes.

Yesterday, I needed three small cavities filled. I wanted nitrous oxide, as usual, because it enables me to not panic when I'm having work done. This time, however, it was really unpleasant - like being drunk. I hated the feeling, and I felt sick for nearly two hours after. It also triggered my ADHD, which was much worse until my daily dose of Concerta kicked in this morning.

I'm not sure why this experience was different - my ADHD has steadily grown worse as I get older; I'm on a different medication; I'm anemic. Whatever the difference is, I will never request NO2 again. It was a good reminder, though, of just how severe my ADHD has been, and how helpful mindfulness and medication are.

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